Whether disposing or acquiring, the Levy Residential & Development team possesses the professionalism, contacts and commercial acumen to source, negotiate and close agreements at levels which provide a premium return to our clients. The team operates across Central and Greater London and has an enviable track record of transactions.

Sales instructions commence with a comprehensive analysis of the opportunity including identification of the issues to be addressed in advance of marketing, potential for value enhancement and agreeing a sales strategy with the client that optimises pricing. Partner-level involvement throughout the process ensures that clients are regularly updated and that high quality advice is provided.

Levy’s specialist knowledge of the both residential and mixed use land market enables early identification of off market acquisition opportunities where there is potential for residential-led development. Our business approach is founded on an integrated approach between the Commercial and Residential teams which deliver real opportunities to our clients.

The latest Levy Land Update provides further background on our track record and experience.


Case Studies

Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15

Having gained planning permission for residential development of the upper floors, Charter Land sought Levy’s advice as to the potential options for realising value. Following a detailed consideration of the alternatives, Levy recommended a land sale of the entire site to take advantage of the sheer weight of capital chasing a limited number of opportunities.

The property comprised ground floor retail accommodation, meaning that a thorough technical understanding of the build process was a pre-requisite to ensuring a smooth sale process.

Levy’s ability to promote both the retail and residential upside of the location enabled a sale to be achieved at a premium level to BMOR.

Cambridge House, Warren Street W1

Levy was instructed to market this prime West End site in the north of Marylebone.

The building had the benefit of planning permission for 16 private apartments on 1st–6th floors with ground floor retail accommodation.

Levy undertook a wide marketing campaign and sought to capture interest from both residential developers and alternatives uses. A sale was completed to Birbeck (University of London) for educational use at a premium to the residential land value.


Rupert Street, London W1

Hallmark Estates instructed Levy to review the options for achieving a capital sale of 47-53 and 57 -63 Rupert Street and 9 Brewer Street, W1.

The buildings comprised 37 walk up flats let on AST’s in need of refurbishment above retail and restaurant uses at ground floor level. The flats were all on varying terms through to lease expiry and any construction works would need to take account of the ground floor tenants.

We sourced a joint venture partner, who refurbished the flats on a rolling programme in line with lease expiries. The units were launched in Hong Kong and Singapore in order to capture a premium from overseas interest. The deal structure ensured that the land owner received a significant value relative to an outright land sale.