London Gyms Bulk Up 16.05.17

The health & fitness sector in London is growing at a rapid rate with occupier demand fuelled by an array of new concepts and offers from budget gyms to luxury healthclubs.

The number of Londoners using private health & fitness facilities is forecast to grow by 20% to reach 6.5 million by the year 2020.

Matt Paulson-Ellis, the Head of Levy Real Estate’s Retail team notes: “This growth¬†derives from the dramatic change in the composition of the London Gym Market, which has been evolving rapidly during the past two years. Modern gyms have been reinvented to encompass an array of facilities. Body composition checks; personal training; smaller class sizes; and boutiques filled with luxury ‘athleisure’ wear are making London’s gyms about much more than just working out”.

A new Levy research paper on the sector can be downloaded here